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Work with Natalie

Natalie at Mindvalley A Fest Costa Rica

Your desires are holy and clarity around them is everything when seeking to bring them into reality.

Using the tools of meditation, energy and mindset work and other frequency shifting tools, Natalie’s work is about keeping you in “love or above” so that you make your desires manifest. If you’re looking to create lasting change, she can help get you smiling on the inside first, and creating on the outside second.


As a coach Natalie helps creative business people to align their resources to create growth and realize and develop additional revenue streams. She teaches integrated processes to help keep mind, body and soul thriving and tuned into your truth and all that life has to offer you. Her work will teach you to know, love and trust yourself so that you can show up authentically and confidently basking in the truth of who you are.


For larger organizations she facilitates and leads team trainings on authentic leadership, creating sustainable change, and mindful communication to drive innovation and bottom line success.


Natalie is passionate about creating and leading Women’s Mastermind Groups to allow fellow women to realize and step into their own true power. She also speaks globally on mindfulness and human potential and connection.


Please get in touch with Natalie below to find out more.


Natalie is a leading member of Jack Canfield’s Young Living team, ‘Oils with Jack’, which uses the power of essential oils to help facilitate change in all areas of life and wellness. Please visit How we Roll - Essentials  or click below to find out more.

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