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Love is the True Black

Love is the True Black is a photographic project which was launched, in conjunction with the United Nations, for 'Peace Day' 2014 and reached a global audience of 1.6 million people.  Natalie asked, armed with a camera and sharpie, this simple question;   

"If you had a chance to share one message with the world, and could guarantee everyone would hear and understand you, what would you say?"

This question has now been put to, and seen Natalie literally write on, thousands of people, from transformational leaders and business people to children, pro athletes, celebrities, homeless individuals, prisoners, police officers & firefighters. People from over 20 different countries, across races and religions. What showed up time and time again, across cultures, perceived borders and socioeconomic divides, were that our shared core values are united.  Our humanity brought into sharp focus through simple images and 4 or 5 carefully chosen words. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 6.05.30 PM.png
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