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Natalie Alexia is an internationally recognized and certified transformational strategy coach and consultant whose work has seen her speak on stages from LA to Australia, London to Costa Rica. She teaches integrated processes designed to turn you on to your own truth, shine a light on your own deepest desires and show you how to be your own muse. Working closely with leading transformational coaches from all over the globe Natalie has been involved in numerous projects that lift the lid on our shared humanity and most important messages.    



The impact Natalie left on the women in our group was unforgettable. She created a fun and safe place for them to open up and be seen and heard whilst bonding deeply with other women during the process.

- Lori Harder - CEO Lori Harder

I have observed; conducted, and been a part of many groups in my life. Natalie’s ability to form, lead, and challenge is a skill that many think they have, but simply don’t. Natalie shows vulnerability while simultaneously showing strength and generosity.

- Silver Wainhouse 

When I invited Natalie to the Transformational Leadership Council's international conference, I knew she would make a significant contribution to our event. Natalie captivated all of our members with her enthusiasm, positive energy, sense of fun, and openness, her work is inspiring. All of our members really enjoyed digging deep, she really brought the group together in a deeply inspiring and bonding experience of our shared humanity. I've now seen Natalie in action four times at different events, and every time, I am deeply moved. She creates unique and empowering experiences. I know without a doubt that Natalie will continue to add a positive and moving experience to any group or audience she works with because I have witnessed it happen over and over again. 


- Jack Canfield - Canfield Training Group 

Natalie’s segment of the training was powerful, all of the participants found it to be a deep, challenging but beautiful training. Some huge insights were created for my group through her process. It was also a deeply bonding experience. Since meeting Natalie I have witnessed her impact on not only my students and myself but also lives around the world.  She is a talented and impactful trainer and visionary who is changing lives at the Deepest level. My life has certainly been enriched by meeting and working with Natalie. 

- David Wood - Amplified Leadership

Working with Natalie has meant seriously leveling up. Natalie leads the way with knowledge, humor and authenticity which she puts into a really easy to digest way, that takes away from overwhelm rather than adding to it.  

- Suzanne Hall - CEO Be Intent NZ

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